What are the ten most common marketing mistakes? How do you avoid costly mistakes when planning for a new business? What should be avoided when planning a business web site? These are only a few of many important questions answered in "The Small Business Planner", the most comprehensive book available to assist new and established entrepreneurs operate a successful enterprise. Written in understandable terms. "The Small Business Planner" provides access to numerous free templates on the companion web site including: Business and Marketing Plans in MS Word; Profit & Loss projections, Cash Flow projections, Start-Up Cost Analysis, and many more in MS Excel, all complete with formulas and ready to use. The companion site also includes a forum for entrepreneurs to post important questions regarding their business.
"The Small Business Planner" provides a detailed check list for new entrepreneurs to ensure that important tasks and processes are not overlooked. The Feasibility Analysis will let you know if your business idea will be profitable and competitive. The 3 major business modules of Marketing, Finance and Operations are covered in detail. More than half of "The Small Business Planner" is dedicated to generating revenue. Essential Marketing topics include: Planning and Research where the author introduces his own easy to use model to create an effective message, Advertising basics, Choosing the Right Media, Databases, Selling Skills, along with Customer Service. Finance covers: Bookkeeping Basics, Financial Statements, Setting Goals and Measuring Results, and Receivables Management. Operations topics include: Creating Effective Web Sites, Employee Relations and Contingency Planning.
Entrepreneurship can be very rewarding if the functions in all three business modules are executed properly. Now the small business owner can wear all hats effectively and avoid making costly mistakes by using "The Small Business Planner".

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