An 8-week workbook for those struggling withdisillusionment and spiritual pain.

It's unnerving, isn't it? Whenour faith feels ungrounded, untethered . . . unreal. When our certainty isadrift, as though an undercurrent has pulled us away from shore into the deep, into the darkness.

And if this is you--if you're in a dark night of the soul--please know that you are not alone. (And you are not as far away from safety as you may feel or fear.) Based on The Night Is Normal, revered author, speaker, and mentor. Dr. Alicia Britt Chole offers this workbook, a companion through your days and nights of uncertainty. Within these sacred pages created for group or individual study, you'll dive deeper into Alicia's groundbreaking content, study what the Scriptures say, and respond to how disillusionment may be affecting your daily life.

Sessions include:
  1. Navigating the Night
  2. Disillusionment with God
  3. Disillusionment with Self
  4. Disillusionment with Others.
The roots--and fruits--of spiritual pain are actually an invitation to deep love. Alicia offers practical and soul-full tools to help you navigate the night and find your way to a livable and love-saturated hope.

Other Formats & Editions

The Night Is Normal Workbook
April 2024
The Night Is Normal
July 2023

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