Muslims around the world are having dreams about Jesus. "The Man in the white robe" has been appearing to many, calling them into his kingdom. At age 23, Kenza Haddock was one person whose powerful dream encounter led her to leave Islam and follow Jesus. Years later, as a seasoned Christian, Haddock has written the resource she desperately searched for as a new believer. The Ex-Muslim's Guide to Christianity addresses the most common questions ex-Muslims wrestle with as they begin to follow Christ:
  • How is Jesus different from Mohammed?
  • How is God's character different from Allah's?
  • How do I walk in step with the Holy Spirit?
  • How do I deal with relatives who constantly persecute me for my Christian faith?
The purpose of this book is to help ex-Muslim Christians navigate their newfound faith by recognizing and correcting common misunderstandings imported from an Islamic worldview. Haddock knows the unique challenges faced by ex-Muslims and emphasizes that relating to God as our Heavenly Father is key to understanding:
  • God's voice vs. "Allah's voice"
  • Prayer vs. ritual
  • Our identity in Christ
  • How to stand firm in the face of persecution
  • What the afterlife looks like for a Christian

Other Formats & Editions

The Ex-Muslim's Guide to Christianity
Kenza Haddock
April 2024
The Ex-Muslim's Guide to Christianity
Kenza Haddock
October 2022

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