Jerusalem's 2nd Holy Temple:
This is a beautiful representation of the 2nd Holy Temple is 8.5" x 5". This silver painted statue made from polyresin.

The Temple in Jerusalem or Holy Temple (Hebrew: ??? ?????, Bet HaMikdash ; "The Holy House"), refers to a series of structures located on the Temple Mount (Har HaBayit) in the old city of Jerusalem. Historically, two temples were built at this location, and a future Temple features in Jewish eschatology. According to classical Jewish belief, the Temple (or the Temple Mount) acts as the figurative "footstool" of God's presence (Heb. "shechina") in the physical world.

According to the Hebrew Bible, the First Temple was built by King Solomon (reigned c 970-c 930).[1] It was the center of ancient Judaism according to Hebrew scripture.[2] As the sole place of Jewish sacrifice, the Temple replaced the local sanctuaries and crude altars in the hills.[3] This First Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians in 587 BCE when they sacked the city. Construction of a new temple was begun in 537 BCE; after a hiatus, work resumed 520 BCE, with completion occurring in 516 BCE and dedication in 515. According to the Book of Ezra, rebuilding of the Temple was authorized by Cyrus the Great and ratified by Darius the Great. Five centuries later, this Second Temple was renovated by Herod the Great in about 20 BCE, also known as Herod's Temple. It was subsequently destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE (see The Siege of Jerusalem in 70 CE). All of the outer walls still stand today, although the Temple itself has long since been destroyed, and for many years it was believed that the western wall of the complex was the only wall standing.

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