Learn about a true Bible hero like never before. Peter was an ordinary fisherman until his whole world was flipped upside down by one man. For centuries, the prophets foretold the coming of an all-powerful king and holy Messiah of Israel who would free them from the clutches of the evil Roman Empire, restoring peace to God’s chosen people. Little did Peter know, the Messiah of prophecy was real, his name was Jesus, and he chose Peter to be a leader in his revolution. Experience a biblical account of bravery, adventure, miracles, faith, and salvation as you discover Peter the Apostle in this new futuristic graphic story Bible.

Looking for new ways to inspire your children to read the Bible? Use a visual language they love and understand: Graphic Novels.

Graphic Story Bibles in this series…
• are Biblically based
• used Scripture references
• are a great ministry tool
• are helpful for literacy
• are in full-color comic book format
• have awesome, relatable characters
• are action-packed, and
• are hard to put down!

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