Based on a true story, Not What I Signed Up For, was written about a girl who suffered from irrational fears that held her back from enjoying normal childhood activities. It was through a tough love experience that she came to understand how fear can be conquered through a mighty faith.

Eleven year old, Emily, is terrified of the thought of tornadoes, robbers, fires, and staying over anywhere besides her own room. Starting middle school with thick glasses, braces, and uncertain friendships, is scary enough. When her parents send her off to a summer camp in Michigan, how will she make it through a whole week without becoming a sobbing mess, physically ill, or the laughing stock of Gull Lake? Will her faith be enough to conquer her anxieties when she is forced to stay away from everyone she loves and everything that is familiar?

Whether a temporary phase or a more serious condition, anxiety affects nearly 40 million people in the US each year, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Reading stories that show characters going through situations that kids may be currently experiencing can help them to not feel alone and give them the hope they need.

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