Are you feeling positive about life? Have all the changes and restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic left you feeling alone and disconnected? Are you wondering where God is and if things will ever return to normal? If you said yes to any of the above, you're not alone. Depending where you live, simple things like going to work, having dinner in a restaurant - even going to church, may not be an option. As many businesses have permanently closed and civil unrest consumes the streets, the order to "stay home" has never been more compelling. Sunny O'Malley's personal story offers a simple and fresh perspective embracing Heaven on earth while Walking with Jesus and His Best Friends. For the believer it will reaffirm your faith. Those on the fence not sure God exists may be moved to reconsider their position. It is a story of faith, gratitude, and love for everyone and their pets (all on loan from God). Sunny O'Malley is a graduate of George Mason University with a BA in Psychology and an M.Ed specializing in counseling and guidance. Sunny is a pet lover, pet mom, professional pet sitter and entrepreneur. Her brand, WoofPurrfect!(TM) helps pet parents keep their homes looking and smelling clean, removing even the most stubborn pet stains and pet odors without toxic stabilizers. A native of Alexandria, Virginia, she is one of the original titans of T.C. Williams High School. The movie Remember The Titans, was based on the time she was in attendance. Some of Sunny's favorite things (in addition to her beloved pets) includes sharing quiet time with God, visiting with friends, a good cup of coffee and vacationing on Kaanapali Beach in Maui. To learn more about Sunny and WoofPurrfect!(TM), visit https: //