According to Romans 8:29, God's goal for our lives is to make us like Christ. So it behooves us to study Christ's character, names and titles to see what it is that we are to become. Christ is God's "Blueprint" for our lives. Bob Leland grew up in Oak Park, Illinois, the oldest of five children. He attended Northern Illinois University (B.A. in Secondary English Ed.), Columbia Bible College (M.A. in Biblical Exposition), and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (D. Min.). He and his wife, Amber, a registered nurse, spent 31 years in Irian Jaya (Papua), Indonesia (1971-2002) serving 8 years in the Citak Tribe on the south coast, 2 1/2 years as house-parents at TEAM's Hostel for missionary children attending the international school in Sentani, 11/2 years as Office Manager (Bob) and Bookkeeper (Amber) at TEAM's field office in Manokwari, and 19 years teaching at the Erikson-Tritt Theological College in Sowi, near Manokwari. They also served 9 months at the Asian Cross-Cultural Training Institute in Singapore (1996) where they taught Asian missionary trainees how to live and work cross-culturally. Bob has published twice in Indonesia: Memancarkan Citra-Nya: Reflecting His Image and Leksikon Analitis Bahasa Yunani yang Direvisi: The Revised Analytical Greek Lexicon by Harold K. Moulton which he translated from English into Indonesian. He has also published The Saga of a Bent Nail, verbal "snapshots" of their 31 years of ministry in Irian Jaya. Bob and Amber currently live in Presque Isle, Maine, where they are deeply involved in local church ministry and outreach and have been teaching extension courses for the Grace Evangelical Seminary located in Bangor, Maine.