Our twenties are a seemingly simple, Yet daunting decade. It's a time that can be both surprising, unsettling, freeing, and so much fun. Twenty something begins by sharing the story of its end, as the author, Cimber Cummings, contemplates her inevitable and upcoming thirtieth birthday. As she reminisces on the past ten years, she remembers all that God has taught and revealed and changed in her since then. She thinks back to how beautiful and tragic, equally hopeful, and yet impossible those years were. And so to celebrate all that God has done, Cimber shares the journey of her twenties as short stories written to a friend. She knows that she hasn't gleaned a lifetime's worth of knowledge about anything yet, but she's learned some things about a few things that when put together, made a life she has come to love. Whether through relationships failed, promotions given, or moves made across the country, she shares the gems of wisdom and truth God instilled in her through seasons of disappointment and delight. So she journies back, and tries to make you laugh, but doesn't apologize if she makes you cry a little too. Because we all need the realization that as a twenty-something, we're not alone, or crazy, or at least not both at the same time.