Need a break?  Looking for a little refreshment?

When all the responsibilities of life leave you tired and drained. . .when it seems like trouble and stress, not hope and rest, define your life. . .when you struggle to find time for yourself—or alone with God. . .You Are Blessed, the heartfelt devotional from popular author Darlene Sala, will provide daily breaks to recharge your soul.  In these pages you'll find ninety easy-reading, powerfully encouraging devotions that address topics such as God’s will, encouragement, perspective, patience and much more...each reading is like a warm, relaxing chat with a friend. This compact book provides inspiration based firmly on the truth of God’s Word and will help you shift your focus from your circumstances to your loving heavenly Father.

Where do you turn when you’re tired and drained by all your responsibilities? Find the encouragement you need in You Are Blessed, the devotional from popular author Darlene Sala.