This world has a tremble to it. Do you feel it? Everything on this earth is slowly passing away.

Your finances, your job, your family, personal success, all of these things are temporary. It's easy to place our hope in them but with one unplanned-for change they can all crumble. Max offers a replacement for your life's foundation. One that is sure to weather any storm.

The suicide rate in America has increased 24 percent since 1999. If a disease saw such a spike, it would be deemed an epidemic. We’ve never been more educated. We have tools of technology our parents could only dream of. We are saturated with entertainment and recreation. Yet more people are orchestrating their own deaths than ever. How could this be?

Among the answers must be this. People are dying for lack of hope.

Many people believe that this world is as good as it gets, and let’s face it, it’s not that good. After forty years of ministry and counseling, Max Lucado has discovered that nothing lifts the weary soul like the promises of God. Unshakable Hope, contains some of his favorites. Many of them are go-to promises he has turned to throughout the years to encourage others. And to encourage himself.

Each chapter of Unshakable Hope explores an infinite promise. Promises like “our prayers have power” (James 5:16), “God understands us” (Hebrews 4:15), and “there is grace for the humble” (1Peter 5:5) will guide readers to live their lives based on enduring truths. In a world of chaos, we do not need more opinions or hunches; we need the definitive declarations of our mighty and loving God. He governs the world according to these great and precious promises and it is through these promises “that we participate in the divine nature of God” (2 Peter 1:4).

Let's learn to anchor our souls to them.