The end times have seen a great amount of interest within the last two decades, but there hasn’t been a comprehensive overview of biblical prophecy and eschatology for more than five decades. Mark Hitchcock’s book is that comprehensive resource for the twenty-first century The End will do for eschatology what Randy Alcorn’s Heaven did for people’s understanding of heaven. It will provide a solid biblical foundation for Christians to explore the essential truths around this topic—the end of the world. A Comprehensive Guide to Bible Prophecy and the End of Days
Psychic hotlines, tabloid newspapers, and astrologers make a living preying upon people’s innate interest in the future. But what does the Bible say about it all? The End lays out Bible prophecy in a clear and understandable way:
  • How to interpret Bible prophecy
  • The key prophecy passages in the Bible
  • The key events and characters of prophecy
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the different views on the Rapture, the Millennium, and the chronology of end times events
A clear, comprehensive, Bible-based panorama of future events.