Satisfy your longing for a closer relationship with God.

Feeling unsatisfied? Tired? Whether you are passionately pursuing Jesus or just longing for more of God, the Holy Spirit wants to breathe life into you afresh so that His fire remains upon your heart.

Satisfy My Soul is a 40-day devotional that invites you to discover the beauty of the Lord, the language of worship, the journey of intimacy, and fullness of life. Each day includes a Scripture reading, inspirational devotion, passionate prayer, reflective question for journaling, and song recommendation.

Hear the hearts of worship leaders, prayer leaders, singers, and musicians from the United States, Mexico, Brazil, and Germany who have given themselves to a ministry of worship and prayer 24/7 with the International House of Prayer.

Holy discontentment stirs us to pursue a closer relationship with God. Let Jesus satisfy your soul.