Former Governor Mike Huckabee shares how to live a life that will continue to be felt by those who carry your legacy forward. Whether in politics, family, education, or business, what matters most is leaving a legacy for future generations.

Rare, Medium or Done Well emphasizes the importance of understanding where we’ve been, where we are now, and how both determine where we’re going. Mike asserts, “A person who has no standard to live by other than the culture of the moment is a person whose principles might as well come from the latest public opinion polls.”
New and updated edition of Living Beyond Your Lifetime challenges contemporary culture’s ideals of “living in the moment.” Former Governor and current TV host Mike Huckabee shares how to live a life that will continue to be felt by those who carry your legacy forward. If the seeds of your faith and values are not planted now, the future will suffer.

“ We may have big differences, but Mike’s book proves we agree on things that matter.”
—VAN JONES, CNN News Host & Political Commentator

Life is not a dress rehearsal—and there are no re-takes. Our friend Mike Huckabee vividly brings that message home in his provocative book Rare, Medium or Done Well. Using his trademark humor and acerbic wit, he champions the sobering lesson of preparing for the final curtain-call.

I know and love Mike Huckabee for many reasons, but one of them is that he seems perpetually full of joy. In Rare, Medium or Done Well you find out why. He’s put the long term—including the eternal—over the day to day. Now that is called forward thinking! And did I mention it’s fun to read? As a writer myself, I take that seriously!
— ERIC METAXAS, New York Times Best-Selling Author of Martin Luther, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host

Governor Huckabee urges readers to consider what truly matters: faith, family, and generous service to others. This volume is sure to inspire many folks to take an honest look at what makes for a life “done well.”
—JIM DALY, President of Focus on the Family

Rare, Medium or Done Well is not a cookbook, but it does thoughtfully examine life’s daily menu of choices that ultimately add up to make us the people we are. Insightful, uplifting, and hopeful, Mike Huckabee has examined what lies ahead and nudges us to all live beyond this lifetime.
—STEVE DOOCY, Host of Fox and Friends

My friendship with Governor Huckabee continues to enrich my life with a deep understanding of life, faith, and the importance of building and keeping a spiritual base within my family. This book will enrich the life of everyone who reads this most wonderful book. Thank you, Governor Huckabee!