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Hannah Keeley, America's top Christian mom coach, gets to the root of what it is to be "mom tired" and offers a step-by-step process to help readers be the in-control, rested, and productive moms God created them to be.

Many moms feel stuck in a fog, mired in an exhaustion that sinks to bone marrow. Sleep can't fix it. Starbucks can't fix it. And not even the mood-altering medication that one out of four moms is currently on can fix it. There's an epidemic of sick and tired, and moms are sick and tired of it.

In Mom Fog, Hannah Keeley reveals the root cause of Mom Fatigue Syndrome and walks with readers through a step-by-step process to wake up their minds and help them get stuff done, in a way that works with their lives--their crazy, discombobulated, confusing, distracted lives. She offers key methods on how to focus like a laser beam, teaching her fellow moms to make the absolute most out of their days and to unlock hidden energy in their bodies and wisdom in their souls. With the Bible as its guide, Mom Fog leads readers to identify, evaluate, and overcome everyday obstacles so they can break out of the cycle of exhaustion and live the joyful, purposeful lives God has called them to.