When the Blitz forces a posh London wedding dress designer to return to her hometown, she puts her talents into refashioning old dresses for young brides during World War II--a heartwarming novel, based on true events, from the bestselling author of The Chilbury Ladies' Choir.

When Cressida Westcott's London shop and home are destroyed in the Blitz, she finds herself headed back to her childhood village of Winslow--though she swore she'd never return. Ever the careerwoman and without a man to tie her down, she's determined to find a way to keep her business going until she can return to London.

Violetta couldn't be more excited about her Aunt Cressida's return--she thinks it's high time some new--and preferably posh--faces arrived in Winslow, especially considering that all the good men keep leaving. Besides, if she can convince Cressida to join the Sewing Bees, it will surely improve her own standing with them.

And Grace Carlisle, the vicar's daughter, thinks Cressida is the answer to her prayers--a real designer will surely be able to help her repair her mother's old moth-eaten gown for Grace's upcoming nuptials. Suddenly, Cressida sees just how to save her business--by employing the Sewing Bees to help refashion old dresses into wedding gowns for other brides in Grace's position.

Soon the Sewing Bees work is bringing joy back to not only their village, but villages all around the country as their scheme catches on, providing hope for couples young and old during the darkest days of the war. And as the women of Winslow help others to celebrate love, they might even find it for themselves...

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