Old Testament, God's created earth and a family and Adam as the Patriarch and Eve the Matriarch over all families but they soon committed the first sin and their children and descendants followed them in sin and got lost in acts of murder, rape, theft, adultery, idol worshipping as well, except Holy Seth. Seth's descendant is where Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus Christ descended. Although Noah highly favored grape wine, God favored him more because he was an obedient and God-fearing man, so after God cleansed earth with a deadly flood Noah and his sons Ham, Japheth, and Shem were spared to start a new generation. Because of his faith level and love for God, Abraham proved to be God's best friend and was chosen as the Father of Faith, Father of the Hebrews, Father of Isaac and Grandfather of Israel, and the Grandfather of the Nation of the Israelites who became enslaved in Egypt and trapped into idol worshipping for over 400+ years, until Moses was sent by God to free them. Once free, they resumed to idol worshipping and eventually forfeited all their covenants and blessings over to the gentiles related to sinning and idol worshipping? God will really bless only those who recognize, honor, pray to him, and obey his laws and the commandments! After the death of Abraham, God never found another Holy friend like him, so he created one, in the name of Father God, we are blessed with brethren Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit known as the Trinity. Jesus Christ is the New Testament who was created to save all sinners and lead the lost back into the Kingdom of God, and instead of a deadly flood, we can be cleansed in a water baptism and with the blood of Jesus Christ. Hallelujah Jesus, Amen! Margo Yarbray a dreamer and novice writer coming into a writer's fruition. Mother, Granny, and retired USPS letter-carrier technician. Graduated with MS in Clinical Nutrition, BS in Food Nutrition and Dietetics, Dietetics Technician Registered (DTR), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), and AS in Christian Studies. Spent 40 years in alcoholism as a social outcasted drunkard but am sober since 2007. Was lost in darkness until God answered my prayers and brought me out into the lightness. I am a battered soldieress battling in God's army and if I knew back then what I know today I would still battle as the wounded soldieress in God's army and as the little voice calling out from within the wilderness fighting to save humanity.