"You're brainwashed... that's all. There is no God!" Jack shouted at Chris. For Jack, creation is a myth. Evolution is true. Science has proven it. The earth is over four billion years old, not six thousand and if Genesis is not true, the rest of the Bible is not true either. The problem is, Jack knows better. And Charlie knows he knows better. Jack can't reconcile what he has been taught to believe, and what God has revealed to him. All of us face the same dilemma. At some point, we must take a step of faith. When a Paleontology team in Montana discover the impossible, Jack may have his chance to believe. But there are obstacles in the way. The Paleontologists are running for their life. Not everyone is happy with their discovery, and will kill to keep it from coming to light. Jack is still in a wheelchair waiting for his broken bones to heal. And there is a murder at home to solve.