Description: This is not your grandfather's poetry. It is spun for the everyman and woman. It is bred of a spiritual nature, yet it smiles and laughs and screams. Some are funny, some are sad. Some spit in the face of conformity, amused at the absurdity of the world whilst seeking a better way. These odes defy conventional structure and content. They rhyme without embarrassment yet experiment unapologetically with such. They convey messages of hope and love and clearer sight. And they challenge the accepted and popular notions of reality and illusion while offering superior alternatives to both. They will amuse and dismay, provoke and possibly offend, but they will not leave you unchanged. So join me, if you will, as we accompany The Illusion Warrior on his quest to dispel chimera and discover truth. About the Contributor(s): J. Michaels is a lifelong student of the human mind and spirit. He has authored books in non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. His poetry expresses the spiritual in a unique storytelling style and is evident in all of his collections, including The Poet's Quill, Common Ground, Emerald Mandala, Mystic Twine, Simple Gold, and the novella Treasure of the Mind. He lives in full view of the magnificent Rocky Mountains in Colorado with his wife and granddaughter. He is the founder of The Greybeard Society, a fellowship that promotes the sharing of wisdom in all forms. Mr. Michaels may be contacted on his facebook page or on his web site at Samples of his work may be seen on the author's blog at http: //