The Enneagram is an ancient personality typology using nine points within a circle to represent nine distinct personality types. This sixty-day devotional is for Enneagram Eight, known as the Challenger.

This book will help Eights, and those who love them, better understand how God created them and how best to use their unique gifts to serve Him and love others. It features an explanation of what the Enneagram is, how it benefits people, and a full description of what it means to be an Eight, including the Challenger’s deadly sin and their greatest strength.

Some attributes of the Challenger:
  • Motivation: Independence or autonomy, to be in control of themselves and free from the control of others.
  • Biggest Fear: Being betrayed, especially by those they trust most.
  • Gut Triad: Along with Ones and Nines, Eights are considered to be part of the gut triad. They receive information through their gut, which in layman’s terms means a bodily feeling of something being instinctively right or wrong.
The sixty days of this devotional are split into six ten-day topics that include uniqueness, weakness, strength, pain points, and how Challengers react in times of stress and growth.

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