Smile for You Some will smile because of a position they hold What they don't understand is my smile is true...bold In you Lord for what you do And have done for me I smile for all to see The joy in my praise The strength in the hands I raise The confidence in my walk The truth in my talk My faith in your word Regardless of what the world may have heard All that I am and have is because of you I will continue to show and present my love to you Tabu Creations is a collection of poetry written by Tomeeka "Tabu" Beaver, to expand your mind spiritually, touch your heart in love, give wisdom, provide comfort in times of death and speak those thoughts that many of you would like to say but never had the courage to say. Inspired by Maya Angelou, Tomeeka has been writing since she was fourteen years old. Since being reborn in Christ, her words have grown with age, wisdom and spiritual growth. Her poetry has been heard and shared by many in the US military, churches and community events. Tomeeka's goal is to have many throughout the world reaching for her book and at the same time encouraging the change that is needed to please our heavenly Father.