Everywhere, one can hear the heartrending call as millions disappear from the earth. Terror-stricken people are in a frenzy, running crazily, crying, screaming, and searching for their loved ones who vanished in a split second.

Pastor Gulston Parris and several of his congregation members find themselves in the midst of the chaos and panic. There is no doubt in their minds that Jesus Christ has come and taken these people away. What are they going to do? Will they be able to stand true to God during the tyrannical reign of the anti-Christ in the great tribulation?

As the final drama of prophetic events unfold, the dreadful day comes when the heartless world ruler proclaims himself god of the universe. The world is ordered to receive his mark on the right hand or on the foreheads. Those who refuse are arrested and tortured to death.

Pastor Parris and some of his members flee from their homes. However, Karel Jones and his wife, Reena, face real danger. Reena is pregnant, and they are at their wits' end. As fear mounts, they run from their home only to face the most horrific period of their lives.

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