A biography of Louis Jacobs, rabbi, theologian and author of the highly controversial book on Jewish thought and religion, We Have Reason to Believe

Louis Jacobs was the most original and gifted Jewish theologian of his generation.

But in 1957 an explosion occurred in the Jewish theological community which reverberated throughout the world. Jacobs published a book called We Have Reason to Believe which tore his community apart. It was taken for granted that he would be head of the Jewish College in London and then move on to be Chief Rabbi. But because of his book, both these posts were denied to him and, as this book relates, countless doors were closed to Jacobs. He left the Orthodox community and founded a new group called Masorti which now has branches all over the world. The episode was widely reported in the secular and religious press. At the time 'The Jacobs Affair' threatened to be the biggest schism in Anglo-Jewish history, and the repercussions continue to resonate today.

In his deeply researched biography, drawing on historical sources and interviews with Jacobs' family, colleagues and friends, renowned Hebrew scholar and author Harry Freedman tells the dramatic and heartrending story of Louis Jacobs' life and the events that would come to define it.