All too often, mothers of children with special needs find themselves in the dark, facing struggles few people understand. But author Mattie Book reminds us that it was in the dark that God placed the stars. She encourages moms to run to God's throne, see in high definition, climb to high altitudes, and walk on the waves that rage against them.

Raising Special Stars offers empowerment for moms who have children with special needs. This sixteen-week Bible study addresses the loss, loneliness, and obstacles moms face when navigating through motherhood with kids that have unique challenges. Each week provides truth and insightful perspectives for those that find themselves on paths that they did not plan. Here mothers will find relatable experiences and shared struggles, as well as confidence and security in God's promises. This is an invitation to see the stars shine from a different point of view and become fueled with purpose for the journey that was set apart for our children.

If you are a woman raising children with special needs, Raising Special Stars can bring you hope and purpose on your journey that shines a little differently.