Millie is having a bad day. Her book manuscript has been rejected, she has been fired from her job and then, on top of that, she witnesses a terrible hit-and-run collision.

She calls an ambulance for the victim and, while she waits for it to arrive, he asks a favour of her - to deliver his briefcase to a man whose name and address he gives her - but then, when her back is turned, he disappears. The briefcase contains a document that she can't resist reading. It appears to be a report which claims that an extraordinary, secret truth belies the whole of humankind. Millie is certain that it's a product of someone's imagination and the victim must be a writer or publisher, but then why is a stranger trying to persuade her that it's true?

What is Project Human? And how is Millie's future inextricably tied to whether it's fact or fiction?

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