Teachers, do you pray for your students? Your classroom? Your school? Have you tried but find yourself with no idea where to start or feeling overwhelmed by the process?

Prayers of a Teacher's Heart guides you through praying over your students, the people in your school, and your own heart as you teach your students academics and so much more on a daily basis. Author Hannah England seeks to help you deepen and strengthen your love for your job and for your students by praying for, uplifting, and encouraging the people who make up your school community. Cover your heart, school, classroom, and students with prayer over the next few months, remembering that God has placed each one of your students with you for a reason and that you have the opportunity to impact hundreds of lives each year.

This nine-week devotional for teachers serves as a guide to praying over your heart, your school, and the students whose lives you touch each and every day.