Money from Heaven is based on a true account and testimony of my Mom and daughter. My Mom, was a young widow woman at the age of 36, who when she was in her mid-50s God allowed my Mom to witness a miracle from Heaven. The purpose for this book is to glorify God, to share my Mom's testimony with the world, that God loves His Creation and He will never leave you or forsake you, all you have to do is believe. Jesus is Real! God revealed his love for Thelma as a young child when her parents sent her and her older sister Lorraine to vacation Bible school one summer. From those summer classes God opened her heart so that Thelma began to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ His Son, she talked to Jesus as He was her very best friend. At night she would lay on her bed, look out the window at the stars and talked to Jesus telling Him everything that was on her heart. She attended Camden County College and Rutgers School of Business. God blessed her with a career in the payroll industry which she has remained for almost 40 years. Thelma loves the Word of God, she loves children, gospel music, going for walks, and playing Scrabble. She is a mother, and "Mom Mom" to two beautiful grands, an Auntie to many nieces and nephews and resides in South Jersey.

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