A God-Designed Generation for a God-Given Task

The scale and scope of the global, technological, and cultural changes of the past two decades are unprecedented. For the first time in history, American churches and agencies are mobilizing from a post-Christian cultural context and to new collaborations with a global mission force. Amidst these rapid changes, how can mission leaders continue to ensure that we fulfill the Great Commission mandate to disciple Christ-worshippers from every tribe, tongue, and nation?

In Mobilizing Gen Z, Jolene Erlacher and Katy White blend leading research with the voices of current mission practitioners to unpack the dynamics behind our changing culture and the resulting impact on the church. And perhaps not-so-surprisingly, they reach the conclusion that God has already provided a solution for such a time as this --Gen Z (b. 1996--2010).

Through an in-depth profile of this rising cohort--their characteristics, worldview, strengths and weaknesses--the authors illustrate both why Gen Z is sorely needed and why we must seek to engage them differently than previous generations. Encouraging and winsome, Mobilizing Gen Z provides practical tools and strategies for engaging, equipping, and retaining Gen Z missionaries. Are we ready to pass the torch?

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