Hands-On Learning: Carson Dellosa's Complete Book of Preschool Workbook helps preschoolers learn and enhance essential skills needed for Kindergarten success. Activity books engage students while learning through fun and engaging activities.

What's Included: The PreK workbook includes full-color practice pages covering colors, shapes, letters, numbers and counting, and writing skills through fun letter tracing and math activities. A motivational poster and stickers are also included.

How It Works: Students write, trace, and sound out letters, count numbers, and learn shapes and colors through interactive activities and games. The full-color pages feature clear, step-by-step instructions to follow along with each new task.

Working Together: Parents love using this workbook for added practice from home, and teachers love incorporating it into hands-on learning activities. Use the motivational stickers to reward students on a job well done after completing each activity.

Why Carson Dellosa: For more than 40 years, Carson Dellosa has provided solutions for parents and teachers to help their children get ahead and exceed learning goals. Carson Dellosa supports your child's educational journey every step of the way.

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