Captivating Amish romance set in a tiny Appalachian community--where some young women are determined to wed on their own terms . . .

Wanted: An Amish mail-order groom willing to live in remote Appalachia. Appearance must be tolerablethough bride would favor a gut mind over looks . . .

Everyone in Blackberry Falls knows that Tabitha Stolfus is heir to her daed's wood carving company. To find a man who values more than her purseTabitha creates an ad and sends it far from home. But from her first meeting with handsome would-be groom Matthew KingTabitha realizes this may not be the uncomplicated arrangement she expected.

Matthew's true desire is an apprenticeshipnot a frau. A talented woodworkerhe longs to study with the great Herr Stolfus. Yet it's more than the kindness and warmth of this mountain community that makes Matthew regret his deception. Tabitha--beautifulintelligentresourceful--is all he could ever want in a wife. Can a real marriage ever take root when there are so many secrets between them?

Praise for Kelly Long and her novels

"Long's writing style is smooth and engagingher characters true to the period yet timeless in their hopes and flaws and personal battles."

"Delivers a sense of escape from today's hustle and bustle into a gentler and simpler world."
--Publishers Weekly

"Long creates storylines that captivate her readers."
--RT Book Reviews