Kids know the Bible is important: after all, it contains God's message of love for them, all other people, and the universe he created. But where does a young person begin studying what's between the covers of this big book? What kind of things will help a child get the most out of the history, stories, and teachings it contains?

This special edition will encourage readers aged 8-12 to begin the adven¬ture of life-long Bible study. It contains the complete Old and New Testa¬ments of the renowned King James Version, plus a wealth of extra features that will deepen their understanding of the Word of God.

* Presentation page for personalizing the Bible as a gift
* Clear, 9-point type
* Words of Christ in red letter
* 16 full color charts and illustrations
* Book introductions
* Hide It In Your Heart--in-text memory verses
* Bible People You Should Know in-text cameos of important personalities
* The Passion in Parallel and Prophecy
* Parables and Miracles of the Bible
* Dictionary/concordance
* 8-page full color map section

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