Looking for a shift? The SEMPER Philosophy lovingly detailed in Just Roll With It will help! This book is for veterans and civilians alike. Just Roll With It invites readers to strip away excuses and instead gaze boldly into their own souls, intuition, pain, and capacity for growth. From this place of radical honesty, readers are inspired to take courageous and compassionate action. Author Sarah Plummer Taylor's personal story, shared in the form of gripping yet often playful narratives, is woven together with universal truths and insights that empower as much as they inspire. Her prose is witty, warm, and honest. She speaks from her own experience as a US Marine deployed to combat zones, as a military Olympian, as a survivor of the fires of America's broken military judicial system, and as a thriving and joyful wellness and resilience coach. With practical tips and suggestions, she shows what it takes to live an authentic, happy life and overcome crushing adversity. She unpacks these insights with thought-provoking honesty and warmth and guides readers from, "I don't know how to change," to "I can take action in my life." Wouldn't it be amazing to turn your obstacles into opportunities and your tragedies into triumphs, instead of getting stuck in your circumstances? * * * About the Author: Sarah Plummer Taylor, MSW, is a social worker, holistic health coach, and yoga teacher who works in the field of resilience training. Her current focus is on reintegration for military veterans, and she is involved with numerous collaborative research projects in these areas. Sarah is a former Marine Corps Intelligence Officer who spent more than six years on active duty. Sarah currently serves veterans, executives, and entrepreneurs with group and one-on-one holistic health coaching, workshops, and retreats. She is also an in-demand public speaker as well as the co-owner of JRWI Wellness, which provides unique, somatic-based stress management workshops both domestically and internationally. Visit www.SemperSarah.com