Joy Comes in the Morning is an insightful and inspiring book about God's love for all of His creation that encourages young children to celebrate and praise all that God has done in His amazing world of nature. Through flowing imagery, visually stunning illustrations, and correlating scriptures from the book of Psalms, author L. J. Elrod paints a beautiful picture of God's creatures in nature glorifying Him daily, from the chirping birds singing songs of thanksgiving to the flowers of the fields blooming brilliant colors of praise. With melodious imagery that blends with spectacular realistic illustrations, Mrs. Elrod depicts the wonder of God's plant and animal life praising and thanking Him for the goodness He provides. Within Mrs. Elrod's words, each expression of nature giving glory to the Creator correlates to a powerful verse from Psalms, allowing parents to encourage their children in Scripture reading. As a mother of five, Mrs. Elrod has always enjoyed the opportunities that her children's inquisitive questions have provided her to teach them about God's presence in the world around them, specifically in creations. Now, with this new poetic work for young readers, you can do the same with your child. Join your child on a journey of searching for God's presence in our natural world while becoming inspired to worship God in every aspect of life, just like all of creation does. May Mrs. Elrod's poetry open your child's eyes to God's endless grace, the beauty of His hands, and the joy that always comes in the morning. Lora enjoys traveling the country with her husband, five children, and two dogs. She enjoys writing, studying the Bible, and learning new, exciting things as she home schools her children. Bill, a decorated war veteran who was injured while serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom, lives in Massachusetts with his wife, three daughters, and dog. He enjoys spending time with his family in the beautiful landscapes of the Northeast, which is the inspiration for many of the illustrations in this book. Through God's divine will, Lora and Bill met through the home-schooling co-op they attended with their children. Their shared desire for this book is to help families see God's presence throughout nature.