Throughout his long career, Cornelius Van Til--a professor at Westminster Theological Seminary and a renowned apologist--raised and discussed issues such as the authority of the Scriptures, the effects of the fall, and the existence of "common ground" between believers and unbelievers. Such issues are as significant in our day as they were in his. First published in 1971 and now back in print, Jerusalem and Athens goes beyond the scope of a typical festschrift. As a point of reference for what follows, it opens with Van Til's clear and simple introduction to his own thought, in which he defends the Christian's commitment to the "self-attesting Christ of Scripture" "I have never met Christ in the flesh. No matter, he has written me a letter." This is followed by twenty-five critical essays on theology, theological method, philosophy, and apologetics written by contributors such as J. I. Packer, G. C. Berkouwer, Richard Gaffin, Herman Ridderbos, and Rousas Rushdoony. Van Til replies to a number of these essays, sharpening the impact of this unique and useful book.

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