Former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos delivers blunt insights about her fight for conservative reforms in America's schools after being vilified by the teachers unions, media and Democrats.

As students and parents grapple with the long-term effects of the unprecedented coronavirus shutdowns, DeVos establishes herself as a leader in the new battle in the classroom: the intrusion into curriculum by activists seeking to reappraise American history and pursue a liberal social agenda.

Few people have been immersed in these issues and these battles as long as DeVos. Long before she was tapped by President Trump to serve as secretary of education, DeVos established herself as one of the country's most influential advocates for school choice and charter schools. And she has stories to tell: DeVos received so many credible threats against her life that she became the first Education Secretary in history to be assigned security provided by U.S. Marshals.

In Hostages to the Cause, DeVos unleashes her candid thoughts about working in the Trump administration, recounts her battles over the decades to put students first, hits back at "woke" curricula in our schools and describes why the fight for the future of the American child is so vital and important to the future of the country.

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