I believe that the Most High has given everyone their own perfect gift for something in this life. With my gift of writing. I wanted to bring one quality to whom loves a heartfelt poem Maybe there will be a feeling of some kind that an individual could rely to. For whatever you may go through or have gone through.

It took some time as to where my poetry would lead me. As the world started changing not for the best, as we can now see. Through the guidance of Christ I wanted all to know the profound Love that our father has for us all.

I can only touch the surface of his love. So in my poetry that's what I did my best to do.

I allowed my heavenly Father to use me in his will and way, he has. I pray always that you can feel the power of his everlasting word as you read my poetry. God Bless.

Cherie was born in Chicago Illinois on September 11th and went to Hirsch High school. She found out that writing poetry was one of the things she loved most too do. The first poem that was ever written when she was eighteen called Superfly. Later on her parents surprised her, and put the poem in the newspaper for her birthday. It landed great reviews that went around the country.