In the early 1960s a new 'Star' appeared on the pop music scene and burned brightly in the firmament. This was the enchantingly beautiful, French singer-songwriter ('chanteuse'), Francoise Madeleine Hardy. Today, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, Francoise can be resurrected, at any moment of her singing career, simply with a flick of a switch on the television's remote control. And there she is, the epitome of French elegance and style! With Francoise, unlike with many of the popular musicians of the time, there was no blaring music or wild gesticulations. She had no need of devices such as these. Her songs are captivating in their own right, particularly those which tell of love, loneliness, and loss. In fact, she has been described as 'the patron saint of the dispossessed and heartbroken'. By why this focus on personal sadness? Could it be that this French icon, beloved by millions throughout the world and who apparently had the world at her feet, was permanently troubled? And if there was something troubling Francoise, could it be love, or to be more precise, unrequited love?

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