First Responders tells the story of trauma therapist Karen Williams who has built her practice around helping first responders who are struggling. Although her professional life is challenging, she finds that serving responders by listening to their stories and walking beside them toward healing gives her immeasurable rewards.  However, when her life crashes, she takes a turn from the clinical to the personal.  Karen’s husband, Mark, a career firefighter, returns from a life-changing blaze, and she discovers that years of counseling first responders suffering from PTSD have done little to prepare her for life in a marriage with PTSD.   At her darkest hour, she will find answers in the peace that passes all understanding.  Unable to see her way to save her marriage, she will turn to God and celebrate the truth that through Him all things are possible.

Genre: Drama
Runtime: 95 minutes
Dove Rating: TBD
TV Rating: TV-PG
Director: Stephan Schultze
Producer: Rick Eldridge, Scotty Curlee
Cast: Cameron Arnett, Chrisi Nelson, Karen Boles, Mari White
DVD Type: DVD-5

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