Cassie absolutely LOVES drawing tropical fish and the world they live in. She has been painting canvasses on this subject over the span of the twenty years that she lived in the Caribbean. Two years ago, she was introduced to the world of adult colouring books and their intricate patterns and designs and thought it would be fun to create some designs of the fish she was seeing in her scuba adventures years ago, so she started drawing them again. Cassie also wanted to make the images not too time consuming and for ALL ages to enjoy as well as gain some knowledge of their names and provide examples of their actual colours. It was fun to research the fish she was familiar with and even more gratifying to sit down and not only draw them but to be able to colour them in herself. There's something very satisfying when you fill in that last space and complete a coloured image - especially a FISHY! Cassie made some pretty ones, some scary ones and some imaginary ones and what she means by imaginary is they follow the form of a particular fish but she has added extra patterns and designs so they won't be identified in the regular fishing guides. Just for fun!