This inspiring collection of seventy-two critical and creative contributions honors the life and work of Desmond Mpilo Tutu. It consists of a rich array of reflections on the ecumenical global struggle against Apartheid and on Archbishop Tutu's role therein as a political priest, prophet, and intellectual. The encounters with "the Arch" and his work shaped ongoing faith-based, activist, and academic pursuits for justice, peace, and dignity. In his outstanding contributions to the promotion of justice, dignity, and peace, a hallmark of Desmond Tutu's celebrated style is his use of narrative and real-life stories. In honor of his unique and remarkable example, the contributions in this book combine oral history and written history paradigms, as well as sociological, philosophical, and theological approaches. While the book is meant to be a memorial recollection of encounters with the Arch, the hope is that these recollections will continue to inspire collective struggles and hopes for justice, peace, and dignity.

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