Be Your Own Therapist

Has your relationship drifted apart? Are you wearing a mask and pretending you aren't hurting, lonely, disappointed, and discouraged in your marriage? Where do you turn for comfort, reassurance, understanding and support? Like many couples, maybe you have resolved to living a life of quiet desperation, feeling as if things will never get better. In "Don't Give Up! You Can Be Your Own Therapist," Catherine Word Burton shares three compelling stories that reflect intimate conversations and actual experiences couples have gone through in therapy sessions. Listen in as Dr. Brightman tackles tough issues and takes the couples through a step-by-step therapeutic process on the route to recovery. You discover how to:

  • Create a solid defense against infidelity
  • Put out fire (anger) before it burns you
  • Set boundaries to tackle chaos in your relationship
  • Get a vision of the marriage you desire
  • Set the tone for satisfying and fulfilling physical intimacy
  • And much more...