The world is full of illusions

Join stunt artist and illusionist Brock Gill as he reveals the myths that we believe about ourselves. Discover how Jesus’ encounters challenge us to see ourselves in a new way. Explore how to find your true worth in God’s love. Uncover how Christ’s message conquers the world’s lies, while you learn how to apply the transformative truth of God’s Word to your everyday life.

In this seven-session Bible study, students will discover that Jesus Christ is the only One who can cast our labels and disappointments aside and show us what it truly means to be loved. 
Just one encounter with Jesus can change the course of our lives forever.


  • Examines the stories of broken, forgotten, branded, and lost people in the Bible whose lives were forever changed through an encounter with Jesus.
  • Creative video segments that incorporate Brock Gill’s unique artistry will help students connect the theme for each session to Scripture.
  • Teaches students the importance of growing in their relationship with Christ through group and individual study segments.
  • Students will experience personal spiritual growth through individual time spent in Bible study with the content.
  • Through daily practice and perseverance, students will be able to discern the truth of God’s Word from the confusing messages of today’s culture.

ALSO AVAILABLE The Don't Believe your Eyes Leader Kit includes resources for leading a seven-session group study: one Bible study book, one DVD, digital downloads, and extra leader resources.