"Mad" - Crazy, Angry, Impassioned, Provoked, Avid, Zealous... "Christian" - Christ-like ..".PROCEED THROUGH THESE Wilderness trees TO INCREASE YOUR PAIN THRESHOLD MY KNEES BUCKLE BUT I MUST KEEP GOING..." As a young man; an actor and Christian the battle of reconciling a devout faith within an opposing industry and averse society has not come without extreme challenge. This book - - a sequenced collection of prose, poetry and letters - - documents a young man's journey...TRUE JOURNEY...from the excitement and zeal of first belief to the inevitable realities of a faith that is practiced, preached and proselytized by extremely imperfect people. Doubt, heartache, confusion, betrayal, joy, redemption, hope & love are themed throughout this compilation as it examines and explores the relationship between humanity and God within the context of a very real world with very real issues. Read his stories; compare and contrast to your own. Share his journey and find your way, as he did, home. Come read the personal Diary of a Mad Christian. ..".REMAIN IN THE NARROW LANE And by Yah's grace CONTINUE THIS LONG WAY HOME" - excerpt from "Scotland Road"