You are probably familiar with Bible stories, especially the one that tells how God made the world. But sometimes they can be hard to understand or so familiar that we miss how amazing these stories really are. It may even seem as though not much happens. But that is far from the truth. In author Harmony Larson's book, Creation, you'll meet Rosie. She thought some of the stories she learned in Sunday school were dull and boring. That all changes when she discovers a tunnel in her church. Thanks to the tunnel, Rosie gets to see God make the world! As Rosie relates the events and people as things happen, you'll find yourself wanting to learn more about creation and the Bible. There are fictional elements in Creation, but God creating the world is all true! Rosie gets to witness that God-who is big enough to create the universe-is also big enough to take care of her and her family. What an amazing God that he not only creates with the sound of his voice but still takes care of you and me!

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