Bibleman Collector’s Edition 5 Disc Set featuring all 26 Bibleman episodes with BONUS Bible Lesson Videos, FREE double-sided poster plus more!


This family favourite has been reimagined using animation and all new stories and will appeal to those who love superheroes.


The brand teaches biblical values and helps kids learn Scripture.


Length: 264 minutes


Children ages 4-8




Clobbering the Crusher (An Adventure in Gentleness)

Braving the Big Battle with the Baroness (An Adventure in Forgiveness)

Repelling the Ronin of Wrong (An Adventure in Goodness)

Melting the Master of Mean (An Adventure in Kindness)

The Mayor of Maybe Doles Out Doubt (An Adventure with The Gospel)

Dr. Fear's Almost Perfectly Disastrous Day (An Adventure in Peace)

Disabling the Disobey Ray (An Adventure in Obedience)




Ambushed by the Ambassador of Ignorance (An Adventure in Wisdom)

Stopping the Sultan of Selfishness (An Adventure in Contentment)

Lighting Up the Shadow of Doubt (An Adventure in Faith)

Fracturing the Falsehoods of the Fibbler (An Adventure in Truthfulness)

Wiping Out the Whiner Brothers (An Adventure with Thankfulness)

Spoiling the Schemes of Luxor Spawndroth - Parts 1 & 2 (An Adventure in Self-Control)




Fibbler's Fakery Goes Up in Fireworks (An Adventure in Integrity)

Scrapping the Sultan's Stinging Stickers of Selfishness (An Adventure in Patience)

Say Goodbye to the Grand Duchess of Greed - Parts 1 & 2 (An Adventure in Generosity)

Halting the Hateful Hand of Mister Malevolent (An Adventure in Mercy)

Expelling the Empress of Unhappiness (An Adventure in Joy)




A Wake-Up Call for the Slacker (An Adventure in Responsibility)

Dispatching the Grand Duchess’ Disrespectful Desserts (An Adventure in Respect)

Pulverizing the Plans of the Prince of Pride (An Adventure in Humility)

A Stand for Jesus Foils Dr. Fear (An Adventure in Witnessing)

Getting Right Wrecks the Ronin of Wrong (An Adventure in Righteousness)

Bible Brigade Versus the Ambassador of Ignorance (An Adventure in The Bible)




BONUS Bible Lesson Videos plus more!

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