You don’t just need a team; you need a killer team.

A staff doesn’t make a team, but it can become one. In this work, Shawn Lovejoy will teach you how to build, in the words of Merriam-Webster, a “strikingly impressive and effective” team without killing yourself or your team in the process.

In this practical application guide, you’ll discover how to:
  • Foster Togetherness.
  • Identify, Recruit, and Retain Top Talent.
  • Have Meetings That Matter.
  • Bolster Accountability.
  • Build a Deeper Bench.
  • Inspire Your Team.
  • Deal with Underperformers.
  • Release team members the right way.
  • And so much more!
You will not get very far without a killer team. The book you hold in your hand will help you build that team while maintaining your sanity and credibility in the process.

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