Offering a wealth of information in a small amount of space, Crenshaw leads his readers through the seven stages of the bereavement process, noting carefully particular developmental stages in life will affect the way in which the process is handled. He then gives several sensible suggestions to those who are often called to helpo others deal with their grief. Afterwards, the six major chapters of the book are devoted to the particular needs of the bereaved at each stage of the life cycle, from preschooler to senior. Each chapter contains accounts of typical behaviors and warning signs for which the bereaved may require more intensive or professional psychiatric help. This book should prove extremely useful for those who want a practical guide for helping others handle bereavement. - Mary Deelev Booklist David Crenshaw worte Bereavement ...for all who work with grieving children and adults. It is a useful tool for those who help others through the grief process. It is written in jargonless, understandable language, with an emphasis on practicality. Crenshaw focuses upon seven tasks of mourning that he believes must be achieved in order to resolve a loss. These tasks are impacted by developmental factors in differing life stages. Specific grief issues of children - including infants, toddlers, preschool and school-aged children, as well as teens, young adults, adults in midlife, and elderly adults are discussed and illustrated with case examples. Examples of helpful and not-so-helpful responses to the bereaved are also provided. Crenshaw's style is down-to-earth and readable (he attributes this to having been raised in a small farming community in Missouri where people want to know what to do and how to do it!) His use of case examples allows the reader to stay emotionally involved as well as clearly illustrating his points. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who works with people in any capacity; for all people at some time in their lives deal with grief and loss. Lin Wagner Gatekeeper Outreach Coordinator

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