We live in such a unique time, but the challenges we face are age-old. Often, we find ourselves in situations that seem impossible only to read the Bible to see that someone else went through something similar and found their comfort or victory in God. We can choose to sit on the sidelines and watch life happen to us, or we can roll up our sleeves and do the hard things, have the hard conversations, and share the love of God with those around us through it all.

Like many creative people, David Phelps found himself with a lot of downtime and a desire to create. Putting pen to paper and then spending time in studios, David went from being a dreamer to an inventor – and it was a GameChanger. As David shares, “A dream alone isn’t enough. At some point, action has to be taken. I’m a firm believer: plan, pray and then do.” Through this 15-song album, he offers us songs that evoke emotion, challenge our faith, and encourage our souls.

Themes of honest introspection, sacrificial love, and eternal hope can be found throughout GameChanger. These songs are relatable, but they are also personal. They are entertaining, but they are also challenging. They are brand new, but they are also timeless. With top-notch production and care given to every detail from the first note to the last, this album is for David the artist what it is for the listener: a GameChanger.

Track Listing:

  1. I’m Gonna Love
  2. Hello Beautiful
  3. GameChanger
  4. Be My Brother
  5. Give It Time
  6. It Was Water
  7. Fix Myself
  8. Eye To Eye
  9. If I Forgive
  10. Love On The Horizon
  11. Last Night On Earth
  12. Eventual Healing
  13. I Remember What We Thought Love Was
  14. Song For Sinners
  15. Harmony

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