The world’s racial wounds seem as deep and as ugly as ever. Is there really any hope? The answer is yes, absolutely—but only if we answer the most fundamental question: “How does God view race?” Only when we get His perspective are we going to find lasting solutions.

In As It Is in Heaven, Kenneth J. Claytor explores this question, debunks myths and stereotypes about race and racism in the modern church, and encourages believers to get involved in enacting change right where they are. Can we change the entire world? No. But we can begin to change our world by holding conversations, listening, studying Scripture, and humbly admitting where we’ve been wrong. 

Packed with practical next steps, inspiring stories, and Biblical discernment, As It Is in Heaven casts a vision for a church that shows the hurting world a bit of what heaven will be like: a place with people from every nation, tribe, people, and language—living in harmony.

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