Two orphans must battle heartache and despair in the latest novel from the bestselling author of An Orphan's Courage and The Orphans of Halfpenny Street.

When Jonny's mother dies, he is taken in by his neighbor, Martha. Small for his age, he is picked on by a local gang so joins the boxing club run by the local Bobby and learns to defend himself.

Jonny's older brother, Archie, arrives back on the scene and things seem to look up, but when a violent altercation ends in tragedy, Jonny runs away again and meets a homeless girl called Cassie. She shows him the decaying slum that's she has been calling home and Jonny vows to look after her, even if that means remaining on the streets himself.

Jonny and Cassie desperately need love and a safe place to live. There are kind hearts who want to help, but sometimes kindness isn't enough and both Jonny and Cassie's search for belonging will be filled with heartbreak. Will there be a light at the end of the tunnel for them?Another gripping story of the orphans of the East End who are cared for by the nurses of the 'Rosie' Infirmary. We meet again the community of nurses and helpers who are working to make children's lives better in world still suffering the dark years of the depression. Full of heartache and tragedy, the nurses are determined to make things better for the children they care for.